About Dead Samurai Game

GamesDead Samurai is one more incredible video game from the Wolf Games studios. They are well-known for their extremely popular flash games, including Gunblood, Apple Shooter and others. The programmers decided making a excellent fighting game as well as I think they accomplished this goal. When I initially played this video game, It took me only couple of seconds to find out ways to fight, however it took hours of playing it up until I really felt complete satisfaction. Dead Samurai is a special mixture of the greatest battling games of the years – Mortal Kombat, Street Fight and others.

The capacities of player are simply amazing – you can make different combination strikes, make use of special weapons, get the sword of your enemy if it falls to the ground and also many others things. Dead Samurai Game has 3 bonus levels where you can earn an extra life or even upgrade your fighting abilities. There are 8 various characters in the game. All them differ from each other not only by their appearance but also by their primary and additional tools. You have to try them all to figure out which one is the most effective. Also, keep in mind that there are 2 Bosses in the game. The first one is rather skilled warrior with two heads and also 2 swords. Eliminating him is not an very easy job, yet the second manager is simply a problem. He has a unique gadget that lets him fly. Battling with such flying warrior is a uphill struggle. There are likewise some cheats in Dead Samurai video game. You can locate them at out internet site. Hope you will certainly take pleasure in the complete version of the Dead Samurai video game at our site.